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HEC not to Provide Funds to the Newly Built Universities

newly built universities

The HEC (Higher Education Commission) has planned of not providing funds to the newly built universities. It announced to give funds to only those universities which have already been established and are eligible to gain funds from the HEC.

An official said on Monday, this decision took place soon after the deduction in the budget of HEC done by the government as there was an ongoing financial issue in the HEC.

According to the sources a bulky amount of HEC budget had been owed to the Ministry of science and technology.

And this decision of providing funds to the universities has been made in order to sort out their own problem.

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If HEC would not provide funds to the new universities, it will cause a burden on the students’ shoulder as the university would then be increasing the fees.

HEC stands with a point that without financial support it is difficult to run the already established universities so for this reason these universities are considered for allocating the funds.

Last year the HEC had a chance to use 50% of the development funds. And out of Rs.37 billion of the total allocation it failed to use Rs.18 billion. This made the government in taking the decision to allot fewer funds.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) says that they could not use these funds because the government did not provide them with much of it as compared to the allocations.

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