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HEC Introduces High-Speed Internet Facility at Public Universities

HEC introduces high-speed internet facility

As part of the “smart university project”, HEC introduces high-speed internet facility at the Public universities. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Wednesday established the advanced and high-speed Wi-Fi technology at the Shah Abdul Latif University situated in rural Khairpur.

The smart city project was launched in the year 2015 with the aim to provide public sector universities with advanced Wi-Fi, to enable the users to freely access the internet in indoor as well as outdoor areas of the university which has got at least sixty per cent of the signal strength along with power backup units (UPS) so the students and faculty could stay in touch twenty-four seven with an attainable data rate of 10 Mbps to every user.

The project cost is nearly two billion and is focused on providing assistance of Eduroam service that could provide students with the facility to remain connected on the internet when they are coming to any university present locally or internationally that is offering Eduroam services.

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Prof Dr. Arshad Ali—the executive Director of HEC Islamabad paid a visit to the Shah Abdul Latif University and inaugurated the project. The event was attended by many notable officials along with the vice chancellor of the university.

Prof Dr. Arshad Ali acknowledged the efforts put in by the faculty and administration at the university for their ongoing efforts to provide quality education in their institution.

He said that the HEC would consider every research and innovation project in the nation to provide genuine funding for its support.

However, this apparently is a small step towards making the universities technologically advanced as a lot is still left to be done which includes the establishment of computer labs in universities with the recent computers and the recruitment of the highly educated faculty in the universities that could educate students regarding Information Technology subjects.

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