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HEC halts Online Classes of Several Universities


Due to complaints regarding the poor quality of online classes, HEC has halted the classes of several universities. HEC received many complaints about the mismanagement of students, low-quality content, delivery, and connectivity on various subjects.

Now the chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri has announced that the commission will directly intervene. He has taken detailed info on these courses to find out whether the subject/courses meet the present standards or not.

Universities that are lacking in anyway in terms of delivering online lectures, they will be asked not to offer such courses or lectures.

According to Dr. Tariq HEC is carefully monitoring the developments during COVID-19 pandemic. It is collaborating with different universities to ensure that there is minimal academic disruption.

Dr Tariq said,  “Contingency plans are in place. If the current lockdown situation prevails beyond May 31, all universities will be directed to resort to online education.”

The 31st May deadline is for universities to develop an online learning management system. Those universities/schools that already have digitally advanced systems are permitted to take online classes.

HEC is working with the universities to ensure that coronavirus lockdown has a limited impact on academic activities. Thus, three specialized IT committees have been established to help the universities in arranging their software and tech support to curate basic online content.

Also, all the public sector universities are given free access to Microsoft Team to help them in conducting online meetings and discussions.

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