HEC Equivalence Certificate Requirement for O & A Level Students Removed

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The Lahore High Court (LHC) has been informed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) that O’Level and A’level students will no longer need the equivalence certificate from the inter-board committee (IBCC).

Romana Malik, a student, filed a petition asking to change in the rules regarding the requirement of equivalence certificate by O & A Level students by the inter-board committee.

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Advocate Sheraz Zaka filed the petition and challenged the requirements of not just the equivalence certificate but also the degree attestation from the HEC.

Romana Malik was basically a graduate from the Punjab University. She received her Master’s degree from a private university, but was unable to get her degrees attested from HEC.

The sole reason for this was that she did not receive her equivalence certificate from the IBCC, thus she was unable to attest her degrees from HEC.

Furthermore the counsel argued that Romana also faced difficulty in receiving her Work Permit or Iqama in Dubai after HEC did not attest her degrees.

The concluding remarks given by Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan stated that HEC should have done its part and attested her degrees even if she didn’t have the equivalence certificate.

A source revealed, “The HEC counsel presented a notification which stated that a student was no longer needed to apply to the IBCC for O and A-Level equivalence for the attestation of master’s and bachelor’s degrees.”

Furthermore the rules have been changed and they have become more beneficial for the students, as per the judge. It is important that now the decision is implemented all over the country uniformly.

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