HEC Directs Universities to Announce their Exam Policies

It has been directed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) that universities will have to announce their own examination policies. As per HEC, if examinations are completely canceled it will have severe repercussions. Exams fulfill the purpose to reward students that make them successful in their life ahead.

Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri said this in a meeting with the Vice-Chancellors and Rectors of all public and private universities of the country.

He said this in response to the question regarding whether universities should promote students without taking the exam.

He said, “Examinations and assessments are an integral part of the teaching process. Attempts to eliminate exams will have severe repercussions for educational quality and student achievement. Only fake degree mills issue degrees and certificates without verification.”

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Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, this was the fourth meeting between HEC and the Vice Chancellors.

The meeting was held to reach a consensus regarding the examination policy, admission policy, academic quality, and the academic calendar amidst the pandemic.

It was decided in the meeting that all universities will announce their policies on conducting exams and admissions within a week. All these attempts are being taken to protect the academic calendar.

HEC will develop an appellate system to address the special problems faced by graduate students.

All the academic leadership believes that the semester should not be allowed to go to waste. HEC has directed all the universities to formulate and then publicly announce transparent policies on how they will conduct examinations at the end of the semester

Options has been given as they stated, “Please review these options that we discussed today, formulate a clear policy on how this will be done, and share the policy as well as additional guidelines with your students, faculty as well as HEC.”

3 thoughts on “HEC Directs Universities to Announce their Exam Policies

  1. A very valid plan for reopening of universities,there is one more suggestion to reduce congestion in the hostels,while the online classes in progress,student of medical,and other who needs practicle training,be attached with the universities,of the respective cities where they are living,for academic secession only,as long as situation become condusive

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