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HEC & CRBC Pact to Offer Fully Funded Scholarship to 30 Engineers

On Thursday China decided to sponsor education to thirty Pakistani students willing to do their postgraduate degrees in engineering.

A Document of Understanding (DoI) was signed between HEC (Higher Education Commission) and a Chinese government possessed firm CRBC (China Road and Bridge Corporation).

The contract was signed at the HEC Secretariat. As per the agreement, the CRBC would be sponsoring thirty Pakistani engineers to attain their Master’s degree from the South-East University China in transportation engineering for a continuous span of two academic years.

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The scholarship offered would be covering the entire expenses of the education. It will cover the tuition fees, lodging charges, return air ticket and stipend for all the students who get to avail this opportunity.

This scholarship program is in accordance with CPEC which targets on the boom of socio-economic growth. Through this sponsorship, programme education could be made easy and accessible for all those students who wish to seek education abroad but because of their less privileged circumstances are unable to do so.
CPEC emphasizes the need for a definite trail for regional connectivity. This agreement between HEC and CRBC would also boast Pak-China relations further. It would also help in bringing the feelings of hospitality between the people of these two brotherly nations.

Let’s just hope and pray that may the neediest and worthy of such sponsorship programme be awarded this opportunity.

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