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HEC-China to Make a Joint Research Center on Earth Sciences in Islamabad

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has promised to extend full support to China for founding a joint research center in Pakistan about earth sciences. HEC also suggested that taskforce should be formed on both sides for achieving the purpose.

This was discussed in a meeting between the officials of HEC and the representatives of Ministry of Science and Technology, Peshawar University, Quaid-e-Azam University and many other different universities. The meeting was also attended by the vice president of the China Science and technology division Dr. Young Gong GE, Professor Su Lijun, an Environmentalist, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Mountain Hazards and other stakeholders.

In the meeting, the objectives, preliminary road map of the center and cooperation strategy was discussed. The research center is being established in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

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Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed—Chairman HEC assured the Chinese delegates about Pakistan’s and their complete cooperation with the Chinese partners in setting up this center.

He majorly focused on the requirement of making a taskforce for mutual coordination and connectivity. He also stressed upon the need to finalize the practicality of the center. He also added that similar type of taskforce needs to be formed at the Chinese end too.

The research center would be established in Islamabad at a local university as informed by HEC to their Chinese partners.

Executive Director HEC—Dr. Arshad Ali highlighted the need to identify the domains of work that need to be covered between the two parties. He mentioned that in the next meetings via a formal document the development cost, laboratory equipment and other needed components for the center and infrastructural arrangements would be finalized.

The research center in Earth Sciences would ensure the safety of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) by researching on the risk analysis and researching for ways for reducing the natural disasters.

The Pak-China joint venture would also make sure about the proper utility of environmental and ecological resources and would assist in encouraging the regional sustainable growth for the benefit of the people along the CPEC. The center would study and analyze the issues related to the areas like Hindu Kush, Karakorum, and the Himalaya.

Conversing about the significant role of the research center the officials said that it would be dealing with issues like mining under complex topography, tectonic movement and its effects on resources and disasters, the collection of environmental data, water environment, climate changes and balanced utilization of water resources.

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