Heavy Vehicles Banned from Entering Murree

Rawalpindi City Traffic Police (CTP) has banned the entry of heavy vehicles in Murree. The reason for this ban is to make sure the safety of travelers is safeguarded and tourists are facilitated.

Traffic Police Rawalpindi has given instructions to the traffic wardens. Moreover, it is highly advised not to travel on hill stations on bikes, heavy vehicles and buses. The tourists are given a warning about it.

CTP official informed that the tourists are asked to make sure that their vehicle tires have moderate air pressure, the vehicle is in good driving condition, the fuel is filled, the battery is charged and any kind of issue has been taken care of before it is being driven.

Furthermore, the spokesperson informed that during the daytime entry of heavy vehicles and trucks has been banned. The drivers of those vehicles have been warned not to travel in Murree during the daytime.  The reason for these steps is to ensure there is no trouble for tourists.

It is also encouraged that only the expert drivers should travel to Murree during this snowy season. Double parking and wrong parking needs to be avoided for the sake of yourself and others.

Moreover, the tourists are asked not to take selfies in middle of the roads while parking their cars. Rawalpindi Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Yousaf Ali Shahid has urged for it as per the spokesperson. If parking is not down correctly and people parks cars in the wrong areas, the life for commuter becomes even more difficult.

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It is also advised that the people visiting Murree should bring cars and vehicles that run on petrol instead of CNG.

The CTO asked the tourists to follow the rules during this extreme cold snowy weather.

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