Heavy School Bags Bad for Child’s Health

Heavy school bags

Heavy school bags are bad for your child’s health.

Heavy school bags, which are not lifted properly or taken on one shoulder leads to strain in the soft tissues in the back. The daily repetition of these activities boosts the wrong posture, and causes damage to the spine, and leads to permanent deformities and muscular tension throughout the body, as per Dr Tabraiz Khan.

He also said that the pain and physical discomfort from carrying a heavy school bag could also cause stress and lack of attentiveness in a child, hence affecting their learning on these costlier developmental years.

Dr Khan further explained that heavy school bags could lead to stress, muscle strain, distortion of spines, back pain and the rounding of shoulders. He said that the pain linked with carrying a backpack is referred to as the “backpack syndrome”.

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He further explained that if children carry the bag on one shoulder it places extra pressure on one side and is more harmful to a growing spine. For carrying a heavy bag, the child has to bend forward which leads to a bad posture.

He said that students should only carry a single bag weighing at most 3kg. He also added that the maximum weight a child should carry is 10percent of their body weight which includes all things like lunch box and water bottle.

Hamoodur Rab Jaffery—the All Sindh Parents association President said that 2 years back more than 300cases of students suffering from back pain were registered within a month. He also said that the Civil Hospital asked the government to curb these cases caused by heavy school bags.

He said that parents should consider shifting their children to trolley bags for avoiding such situations.

He also proposed that a proper budget should be allotted to all the schools for arranging to supplicate books that could be kept at schools.

Kashif Mirza—the All Pakistan Private Schools Federation President said that all schools, teachers and students should work in unison to handle this issue for the betterment of the students.

He said that they are writing to the government and asked them to adjust the standard weight of the books and to digitalize the lectures.

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