Heavy Rainfall in Lahore – Electricity Down & Traffic Jam

Lahore was hit by heavy rain on Thursday noon. The rain that started in the provincial capital at noon continued for almost an hour.

In Lahore, many areas were affected due to heavy rainfall including Gulberg, Mall Road, Ferozepur Road and Shadman. The water caused disruptions in traffic flow and in some parts of the city electricity went down.

It is predicted that monsoon rainfall will continue in upper and eastern parts of Pakistan. Also, it is expected that heavy rainfall will influence the upper parts of Pakistan in the weekend. Rainfall is expected in Malakand, Hazara, Mardan, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Lahore divisions, Islamabad and Kashmir over the weekend.

Here is the video of rain in Lahore today

Some people are stuck in Lahore traffic as rain continues in the city.

This Twitterati tweeted

Heavy rain in Lahore

Earlier the rainfall in Lahore caused the emergence of a massive sinkhole on Lahore Mall Road. A road in Lahore, in front of the General Post Office located on Mall Road, was terribly damaged by the heavy rain and two sinkholes emerged. Many people witnessed this emergence as they were on the road when it happened.

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Furthermore, there were similar reports of sinkholes in different areas of Lahore including on Mall Road and on Gulshan-i-Ravi Road near Samanabad Morr. A sinkhole was also found in Gulberg’s Hali Road and reportedly their were such depressions in other parts of Lahore after the heavy rainfall.

Let us hope that the monsoon rain won’t cause any more trouble for the citizens of Lahore.

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