Heatwave to Hit Karachi Again – Research Snipers

Heatwave to Hit Karachi Again


A heatwave is likely to hit Karachi again.

The Meteorological office forecasted on Friday that there are high chances of the heatwave to strike back in Karachi from 21st September to 24th September.

As per the Met office warning the temperature will likely to range in between 38-40 degree centigrade and the winds to blow from the northeast side in these days.

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Back in 2018, the heatwave that coincided in the Holy month of Ramadan killed around 65 people in Karachi within 3 days. The heatwave that occurred in the month of June during 2015 killed almost 400 people in the metropolis.

During the hot days, it is strictly advised not to go outside unnecessarily and consume lots of water for keeping oneself hydrated.

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