Heatwave Alert Issued in Karachi

Heatwave alert has been issued in Karachi by Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD). The prediction is that on Saturday there will be extremely hot and dry weather.

The Met department stated that in Karachi and its adjoining areas intense hot weather is expected in upcoming weeks.

In between 1st May to 3rd May the mercury can reach 40 to 42 degrees Celsius.

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The Met office said, “Sea breeze is likely to remain cut off and hot dry wind from the north and northwest is expected to prevail in Karachi during this period.”

People living in Karachi have been advised to remain in their houses and avoid going out unnecessarily.

The Head of the Emergency Department at Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital Dr. Seemi Jamali said, “People should remain indoors from 11 am to 4 pm. They should be out only for important activities, wearing loose and light-colored clothes”.

Adding “People should use wet towels on their heads during any outdoor work.”

A senior doctor said,  “All necessary arrangements have been made at the Jinnah Hospital to help people during a heatwave. A special ward, comprising 50 beds, has been set up apart from the additional 150 beds in the emergency ward. An adequate supply of mineral water will also be available in the hospital”.

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