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Health Workers protest for the attack on one of the Doctors in JPMC Karachi

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Doctors at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) carried out a protest on Saturday after a doctor was attacked the previous night. They demanded the authorities for strict action against the assaulters.

The attendants of a demise coronavirus patient attacked Dr.Raja Shakeel in the emergency ward where he was treating another patient.

As per the Young Doctors Association chairperson Dr.Omer Sultan, Dr.Raja was brutally beaten by at least 8 people. He was tortured badly without any fault or reason.

One of the senior doctors at JPMC said that Dr.Raja was beaten up because the hospital authorities did not provide the body immediately to the heirs.

According to him, these incidents will keep on happening if the government did not change the policy on dealing with the bodies of the coronavirus victims. Another incident took place on Thursday night, in which the attendants of the deceased COVID-19 patient destroyed a ward at the hospital due to many reasons.

The JPMC doctors gathered to protest against multiple instances of criticizing the authorities for not taking any action against the assaulters and for not setting up a law to protect the health workers with such violent incidents.

Dr. Sultan criticized that there is no law to protect the health workers from such violent acts. He gave an example of Punjab where a law has been passed for the health workers and no one dares to attack anyone of them.

Apart from the protest, the doctors demanded to ensure security measures of the health workers and to pass a law for avoiding these incidents in the first place.

Dr.Seemin Jamali negotiated with the doctors and guaranteed them for the provision of security and that the attackers will be arrested.

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