Health Ministry Confirms 5th Polio Case of 2020 in Pakistan

Pakistan has witnessed the 5th Polio Case of 2020 in Chaman according to Health Ministry, the polio case was reported in Habib Zai, UC of Qila Abdullah in Chaman.

According to the details it has been the 5th case in the area, earlier it was reported that Pakistan has witnessed its first case of 2020 in the district of Lakki Marwat, however, several other cases were reported after that and the total number of polio cases until today reached five.

18-month old baby girl was diagnosed with polio the authorities said. The officials also said that the parents of the victim refrained from administering anti-polio vaccination during the polio campaigns. The health ministry officials also told reporters that around 80% of the parents in UC Habib Zai of Qila Abdullah in Chaman deny anti-polio vaccination.

The local News Channel has reported the five other cases on January 4, in various parts of the country, two of the cases emerged from province Sindh, two from Balochistan, and one from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP, however, the first case of Polio was reported by Research Snipers two days ago which was confirmed by NIH Islamabad as the first Polio Case of 2020.

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