Hashoo Group to Open three five-star hotels in Gilgit-Baltistan

Hashoo Group is planning to open three five-star hotels in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B).  Group’s hospitality division chief operating officer confirmed this news highlighting that Hashoo Group wants to expand its operations in Pakistan and is looking to avail opportunities.

Furthermore, Hashoo Group made the announcement that it will work on four new five-star hotels in Mirpur, Multan, Hayatabad and Malam Jabba by next year. These new hotels will be named under the Group’s Pearl Continental (PC) brand.

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As the security condition has improved in Pakistan it has helped in boosting tourism in the country. In 2017 tourism increased by 300% in Pakistan with 1.75 million tourists arrivals.

According to the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation domestic traveling has also increased in Pakistan by 30%. Thus domestic, business and international travel have increased.

Now Hashoo Group is planning to construct new hotels in Skardu, Hunza, and GB. Currently, under PC and Marriot brand Hashoo Group is operating 9 five-star hotels.

Hashoo Group COO Hasseb A Gardezi said, “Improved security situation and better road connectivity in northern areas has given us an opportunity to expand.”

Hashoo Group has also started becoming managing partner for the investors who have the capital to construct five-star hotels but need expertise.

COO said, “We are willing to manage portfolios of such investors; we have successfully implemented this model at our Hotel-One brand.” Talking about PC Malam Jabba he said, “The building of Malam Jabba hotel is being constructed by the Samsons Group and we will be managing partners of the property. We are also looking for new partnerships, no matter whether they are from the private or public sector.”

Gardezi said that they need government support to expand services in Pakistan. He said, “There is ample land available with the government at different tourist spots, which it cannot develop itself. We are looking for public-private partnerships through the open competition so that we can bid and build a hotel there. There are a lot of government guest houses and rest houses, which are not being run efficiently; we are ready to come forward with proposals to make such places profitable for the government. We are also willing to discuss with the government utilization of historic buildings for commercial purposes.”

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