HarmonyOS 2.0 Could be Better than Android in Some Aspects

According to some users, in some cases the new HarmonyOS 2.0 is far better than Android. The company is running a testing phases, which would end soon and will then request everyone to switch to the stable version.

Huawei HarmonyOS 2.0

Huawei has started onboarding users to test their new Harmony 2.0. Many uses have already signed up and tested the system. This Harmony 2.0 will move your Huawei device from the Android-based EMUI 11 to Harmony OS.

We have heard that users who have ditched Android and upgraded to HarmonyOS haven’t found any issues. In fact, one also reported that Google Services on his Huawei device were not affected at all. And some even said that this system is somehow better than the old Android system.

According to GizChina, a participant tested HarmonyOS’s performance on his Mate X2. He played two popular mobile games – ‘Honor of Kings’ and ‘Peace Elite.’ Both games were tested at the “highest picture quality of ultimate picture quality and HDR anti-aliasing mode,” respectively. According to that user, “the fluency and stability are better than those of EMUI 11. Plus, the power consumption is also lower.”

Then the same uses also claimed that his Mate 40 Pro showed similar opening and switching speeds on both systems. So it is safe to switch from the Android-based EMUI 11 to Harmony OS.

It is to be noted that Huawei’s future devices may come with built-in HarmonyOS, leaving users less choice to switch from Android to HarmonyOS. And we believe there’s nothing to worry about it. For one reason, there were some other operating systems before Android. If still not convinced, take it as an evolution.