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Harbhajan Singh Says Pakistan Could Not Beat India in World Cup

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh said that Pakistan cannot beat India in World Cup.

Harbhajan Singh is an Indian off-spinner and is pretty confident about the victory of his team against Pakistan in the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup match that is to be played on the 16th of June.

He said that India versus Pakistan is not that big as compared to India versus England. He added that may be from the perspective of media, India Vs. Pakistan is more hyped but from the cricketing aspect India Vs. England is more significant.

Harbhajan Singh further said that India could beat this Pakistan team nine out of ten times.

He also said that India has an 11-match winner and he does not think that Pakistan has the ability to beat this Indian team. He went further and said that they have got more experienced and big players.

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The Indian player, however, warned the Indian team to not take the game against Pakistan lightly as Pakistanis have got nothing to lose.

He added that India would be under pressure, as they would have the fear of losing against a weaker team. On the other side, Pakistan has got nothing to lose, but if India loses it would be huge.

The ex-captain of Pakistan—Misbah ul Haqq also referred to the team India as his favourites but warned to not chalk out the chances of Pakistan as anything is possible in a pressure match between Pakistan and India.

Misbah said that Harbhajan is right logically but Pakistan is a dangerous team. He added that in cricket one cannot say anything.

He added that taking into consideration the intensity and the rivalry, one could never know the outcomes of World Cups. He said that Pakistan was a strong team in the 1990s and India would win every time in the World Cups.

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