Happiness, Like Maths Requires Practice

The Psychology professor at the Yale University—Dr Laurie Santos has unveiled that she had no idea that her Psychology and The Good Life (PSYC157) course would be such a hit since its introduction at the start of this year.

As per The New York Times, nearly three hundred had signed up for the course and within a span of three days, the figure has doubled. After a few days, nearly one thousand and two hundred pupils had signed up for the course, hence making a total of one-fourth of Yale undergraduates.

Head of one of the Yale University’s residential colleges, Santos tries teaching students how to lead a happier and content life. This course is taught twice. It was further explained by Santos that pupils would need to change, to be happier individuals. With one out of four students taking PSYC157, if a student is found displaying more gratitude, increasing social connections and deferring less, this indicates that we are seeding the cultural changes.

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Santos expressed that the students that have taken interest in the course are the ones who had to deprioritise their happiness for getting university admissions. This led numerous pupils to adopt harmful habits that finally leads to mental health issues that everyone is witnessing these days.

A nineteen-year-old—Alannah Maynez one of the student taking the course said that actually a lot among us are stressed, unhappy, numb and anxious. The fact that a class of this sort has got such a huge number of participants unveils that how tired students are of muting their emotions may they be positive or negative.

Students have long been asking for a positive psychology course and when Santos put forward her idea the director of the undergraduate studies in psychology was totally into it.

Santos explained that the course PSYC157 focus on positive psychology and behavioural changes which majorly is made of characteristics that allow humans to prosper and to live by different lessons in the real life.

Many students revealed that the course for them is like an opportunity to relax.

The professor explained that exactly like maths, learning the art of being happy and satisfied requires practice too.

Santos added that the seminar-style series on the course would be offered online, for free on Coursera. She concluded by adding that we have this moment where a change could be brought in—by making the students feel that they are part of the movement and are fighting a good fight.

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