Handsome annual bonus will be rewarded to workers at Samsung’s chip division

Companies reward their employees with bonuses and other incentives as a form of appreciation. These bonuses and incentives are based on various factors. Sometimes they can be related to an individual employee’s performance and sometimes to company profits. Each year employees wait for this time. Reportedly, the tech giant Samsung has something exciting for its employees of the chip division.  

According to the reports, the company has decided to reward the workers in the chip division with huge annual bonuses. It is not surprising though. Since the chip division of the South Korean firm earned maximum profits in the previous year. That is why it makes absolute sense to reward hardworking and dedicated employees.

As per the local news report from South Korea, the workers at the chip division will receive around 50% of their annual income as bonuses. By the end of the following month, the company will begin distributing the bonuses.

The tech giant has named the bonus program an Overall Performance Incentive (OPI). The company has transferred the relevant details to the concerned executives and employees. Regardless of the economic conditions, the tech firm has managed to maintain the bonus percentage at 50%. It is consistent with the bonus percentage of 2021.

In addition to this, the workers at the Samsung Display will get more incentives in contrast to the previous year. Since they will be rewarded with 47-50% of their yearly income. On the other hand, workers in the mobile division will receive a bonus of around 29-33% of their annual income. While the network solution division employees will get around 22-26% bonus of their total income. Last but not least the workers at the visual display and consumer electronics division will get comparatively low incentives at an 18-22% and 5-7% rate, respectively.