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Hamza Ali Abbasi Extends Apology

hamza ali abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi, the former actor has extended an apology to everyone. He has done that in order to seek forgiveness from the ones he might have hurt in the past.

On Friday, he took it to Twitter and shared that he wanted to forward this apology for a while and was finally making use of this platform for seeking forgiveness.

He wrote that he has been willing to do this for a while so he makes use of the platform to extend it where his voice would reach out to everyone to whom he might have hurt with his words or actions in the past. He requested all such to forgive him.

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The celebrity star quitted showbiz in the month of November and promised to spend his life for spreading the message of Islam.

Back in August 2019, he tied the knot with Naimal Khawar in the federal capital. His wife had also taken the decision to quit acting 9 months prior to her marriage.

Hamza Ali Abbasi tries to stay connected with his fans on social media and shares his opinions and perspectives on the various issues.

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