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Hammad Safi – Pakistan’s 11-year-old Motivational Coach

Pakistan’s 11-year-old Hammad Safi is a motivational coach with his own YouTube Channel having over 145,000 subscribers. Hundreds of Pakistani university students listen attentively to Safi’s lectures as he informs them how they can enhance their diction by watching Barack Obama’s speeches. The lectures of this teenage boy are so captivating that the people are automatically attracted. The confidence in his speech, engaging smile and passion in his work has made him the new internet sensation in Pakistan.

Safi speaks to his elders at the University of Spoken English with utmost surety.  Some of his videos have over million views.

True that some of his lectures have cliché messages like “every second is a challenge,” or, “Failure is the basis of success,” but it’s the determination with which he speaks that appeals to the public.

A political science student Bilal Khan who is almost double Safi’s age said that “A few months ago I was really disappointed with life… I was (thinking) about suicide, because there are no jobs and no success in life. Then I saw a movie of Hammad Safi. I thought, if an 11-year-old child can do anything, why can’t I?”

Online comments for Safi are full of appreciation.

Samiullah Waqil, one of his former English teacher said, “People love him because he’s just talking, he’s a hit every time.”

Talking about Allama Iqbal the famous poet of the subcontinent, Sufi said, “If he had not been there, I or anyone else would surely be cleaning the toilet in the house of an Englishman.”

USECS staff calls him the “nanha professor”. Director Ammer Sohail informed that Safi used to study at a traditional school but was also taking English classes at USECS where he was recognized for his “phenomenal self-confidence”. Then he left his school and became full-time at USECS. Safi now gives motivational lectures once a week at the university. He encourages needy, depressed students, “to give them hope so that they break their glass ceiling”

Safi’s father said, “He is not an ordinary child. People have seen something in him. I have myself seen abilities in him. That’s why I have appointed special teachers for him. I want him to become a special leader. I’m very proud… For his abilities, for his intelligence, he is God-gifted.”

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Bakht Zaman, a professor at Peshawar University said, “This talented child is a good motivational coach” but “he lacks intellectual depth. He can become what they want to do with him, but it will take time.”

Hassan Amir Shah, the vice chancellor of the public university of Lahore said, “He still has a long way to go, many books to read. We will only be able to judge him in 20 years when he is an adult.”