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Hamid Mir’s Show Pulled from Air

Hamid Mir Show

Hamid Mir’s Show was pulled from the air on Monday.

An interview of the former president of Pakistan—Asif Ali Zardari was pulled from air shortly after it began on a private news channel on Monday.

Hamid Mir—who is a well-known talk shows host was the interviewer of the programme on Geo News. He took it to social media account on Twitter to express his anger and dislike over the incident. He wrote that he could just be sorry to his viewers that an interview was started and then stopped on the TV channel and that he would share the details soon.

In a series of tweets, Hamid Mir said that within a few minutes of the telecast, Geo News gave instructions that the interview of Mr Zardari would not be telecasted.

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He further said that he has been receiving calls all over the world with queries regarding the incident.

In a clip of the interview that is making rounds on social media, the ex-president is heard revealing that an investigation is underway of a huge scandal, which involves Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Many media regulators took notice of the incident and condemned the press censorship in the nation.

The Asia Desk of the Committee to Protect the Journalists referred it to the act as an offensive breach on the press freedom.

As per a source in Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority—PEMRA the interview was not halted by the authority and it has got nothing to do with it.

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