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Hajj Scheme balloting will be conducted by March 11: Said Ministry

Hajj balloting

According to the reports the Federal Ministry for Religious affairs has announced extension for receiving Hajj applications under the government Quota by adding three more days into it and the final balloting would take place on Monday March 11.

The spokesperson from the Ministry told media that due to uncertain situation in Pakistan which was observed last week, the government has extended the deadline for receiving Hajj applications for the government scheme until March 9.

The balloting process would take place on March 11 on Monday.

According to the figures given by the ministry, total of 174,821 Hajj applications were received by the Tuesday evening. Some applicants faced difficulties in submitting their applications due to weather conditions, snowfall, floods and even tensions between Pakistan and India.

The spokesperson said, the government is accepting hajj applications through 14 designated banks across the country, the bank would continue receiving applications until March 9. The balloting will choose 107,526 applicants for the pilgrimage to the holy land on March 11.

The government started receiving Hajj applications on February 25 under the government scheme, as many as 200,000 pilgrims from Pakistan would perform Hajj this year and the 60% of these people will come under the government scheme, said the spokesperson.

The ministry of religious affairs has also uploaded the details of applicants on their official website; the applicants also receive SMS notifications about the receipt of their applications. The applicants are advised by the ministry to check their personal details on the website to check if there any mistakes in their particulars.