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Hajj Pilgrims to Try Hotel Rooms in A Capsule This Season

hotel rooms in a capsule

The Hajj pilgrims this season would be able to try out the hotel rooms in a capsule—these are the most recent mobile hotel sleeping units designed in such a way that they occupy minimal space and provide all the hotel room facilities and services in the smallest space possible. This was announced by the Hajji and Mu’tamer’s Gift Charitable Association—Hadiyah, Arab News Reported.

These capsules could be placed side-by-side or on top of each other, with a height of two units. When the capsules are piled up on top of each other than a three-step staircase could give access to the topmost capsule.

These capsules are provided with sliding door at the end that could be opened by a magnetic card for each user, for ensuring privacy.

The capsule doors would open automatically in case of blackout. Separate toilets are provided with separate services, so water basins or showers could both be used at the same time. These capsules have also got external cabinets for storing stuff like luggage.

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The Director of Hajji and Mu’tamer’s Gift Charitable Association—Mansour Al-Amer said that the hotel capsule is an ideal budget friendly solution in crowded places like airports, highway rest houses, holy sites and train stations. It provides enough space to the pilgrim for changing clothes, taking a shower and also provide space for storing luggage and valuables.

The capsules would be tested by making twenty-four of them operational in selected sites, informed Al-Amer.

He also said that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Institute for Hajj and Umrah Research would conduct the needed research for inspecting the feasibility and success of these capsules. The capsules would be installed in Mina, especially for the elderly and lost pilgrims who need to take rest and care in order to continue performing their hajj rituals with ease and comfort.

The results of the conducted research would be shared after the end of the hajj.

The capsules were first placed near the squares of the Grand Mosque, in the last two days of the holy month of Ramazan this year. Some issues were found with them that would need to be solved.

The capsules are made of plastic and fiberglass. They are 220cm long, 120cm in width and 120cm in height. They are mobile and could be deployed anywhere from accommodation complexes, holy sites, pilgrim’s housing and at the housing of the workers and delegates.

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