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Hajj Applicants to Get a Complete Refund

Hajj Applicants

The Ministry of Religious Affairs of Pakistan has taken the decision to return the money that has been deposited by the successful applicants of the Hajj’s government scheme of 2020. The spokesperson of the ministry Imran Siddiqui has confirmed that in a public statement.

He also said that an emergency meeting of the Hajj formulation committee was called for discussing the mechanism after the Kingdom shared plans to host Hajj 2020 only for the locals of Saudi Arabia.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic affected the country, a total of 179,210 Pakistanis opted for the holy journey this year, including 107,526 intending pilgrims under the government scheme and 71,684 under the private scheme.

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Imran Siddiqui informed that the government of Saudi Arabia has informed the government of Pakistan about the development via its Minister for Hajj and Umrah Dr. Mohammad Saleh bin Taher Benten.

They would only be permitting a thousand pilgrims this year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj. He informed that the holy pilgrimage would be scaled up because of the coronavirus.

Previously, the Kingdom announced to host Hajj 2020 only with a limited number of pilgrims. It mentioned that it would only be allowing its citizens and iqama holders within the country to perform Hajj this year.

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