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Hajj Applicants Disheartened Over Delay in Balloting

The delay in the balloting has been a disappointment for the aspirants of the Hajj this year. The expectant Hajj pilgrims have already submitted their applications and have deposited their fees in the specified banks.

As per a statement released on Wednesday, Altaf Shakoor—Pasban-e-Pakistan said that the government should adopt proper initiatives to address the complaints of the Hajj applicants. He informed that as per estimations Hajj aspirants have already deposited a fee of more than rupees hundred billion in the commercial banks across Pakistan and the banks are gaining an estimated interest of rupees ten million each day on the deposited amount.

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He added the fact that, disappointingly due to the unclear Hajj policy of the government relating the Haj quota, the Hajj balloting has been delayed for an indefinite period of time, which has caused disappointment and agony among the aspirants and their families.

He said that after the scams of previous leaders have been exposed during the Hajj season in Hajj quota and charges, the present government should have been watchful and careful and should have taken a lesson from the previous mistakes, but sadly they failed to learn anything.

He added that the citizens are criticising about the mafia of who robs the Haj applicants under the label of private Hajj packages.

He mentioned that Pasban is against the private Hajj quota policy and has been asking for an only single category for Hajj aspirants and that is of government quota so that the exploitation of the Hajjaj-e-Karam in the name of private packages could be avoided.

He appealed to the chief justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan for taking a suo-moto action on this present issue so that thousands of aspiring Hajj applicants could be saved from the mental torture.

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