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Haier Opens its Smart Home Store in Pakistan

Smart Home Store

Haier is a famous and well-known brand of electrical appliances and is lauded for having one of the best customers support in Pakistan. As per the latest, the brand has just opened a first of its kind Smart Home Store in the provincial capital of Punjab that displays appliances with the Internet of Homes.

People who are unfamiliar with the IoT, these appliances are interlinked and smart, which means that one could connect to them through their smartphone and could even have them linked to the internet.

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The Haier’s new store in Lahore is specifically for smart products. Earlier it was super hard for finding smart home products in a single place or under one area, and whenever these products were showcased, often the salesperson or the support staff had no clue about the product usage and complete description of its features.

With the Smart Home Store experience, one would not just be able to see the products in action directly, but super professional and trained staff would give one a complete run of how these appliances vary from one another and from the other typical ones.

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