Hackers Will Release Pirates Of Caribbean 5 Online Unless Paid Ransom

Pirates of Caribbean the series that has received global acknowledgement was set to release its 5th part on May 24, 2017. It seems the movie and Disney is facing some troubles. The movie has been hijacked by some real pirates. Hackers have claimed that they have stolen the Walt Disney movie and they will release it unless they are paid ransom in bitcoin.

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Bob Iger the CEO of studio was not specific about the name of the film but told ABC that hackers say they will release the film in parts online, unless they are paid. He further said that Disney has refused to pay the ransom and is collaborating with FBI to find a suitable solution.

As per Deadline.com it is confirmed that the movie under pressure by hackers is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

According to Iger the real pirates have threatened to release first five minutes of this widely famous movie, and then release another segment of twenty minutes.

Hacking has become extremely common globally. It can jeopardize the whole global economic, social and political system. Recently 57,000 computers in hundred countries were hit by a cyber-attack. Major businesses lost money and sensitive information. Also wire-transfer fraud increased around the world in current times. The fraud was programmed through spoofed emails.

This whole issue about hackers demanded money or they will release the movie might sound as a petty problem. Sadly it is not a small matter. Getting access to information in an illegal way can create huge problems in the present times and in near future.  This needs to stop and action should be taken on hackers before the situation gets out of hand.

Image via: TechWorm