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Hackers Now After ATMs in Pakistan

Bank customers now have become the target as a number of ATM users complained deceitful activity relating the unauthorized withdrawals from their respective bank accounts. They also reported that the plastic cards were blocked after the rumors of a large-scale hacking incident spread.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)—its cybercrime division is looking into the matter of hacked bank accounts and is investigating the incident after the complaints reported by the Habib Bank Limited (HBL). HBL informed that around six hundred customers throughout the country have lost an amount approximately nearing to rupees ten million in the cyber attack.

An FIA official while conversing with a local newspaper said that the cited target of the attack is the ATM machine installed at the Khayaban-e-Ittehad—Karachi.

Other than this, many more incidents were reported from the Dolmen Mall—Karachi. As per the reports, Islamabad has also been hit with the similar kind of cyberattack.

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Banks including HBL, as a necessary precaution, blocked the ATM cards of the users so that further monetary loss could be avoided.

Cybercriminals attacked the tech-driven banking system in Pakistan when it is on the verge of increasing financial enclosures and bringing more people into the official division.

Many fraudulent transaction reports emerged during the week, quoting that the user data was stolen via some skimming device placed on the ATM facilities.

Naved Asghar—Chief Marketing Officer-HBL said that five hundred and seventy-nine customers were impacted by the cyber attack around ten ATM units. The affected customers would be compensated. They lost less than rupees ten million amount.

He stressed that the bank is investigating and would be compensating the ones who have lost their money because of the attack.

He added that all the ATM machines are checked for bug and rechecked to ensure that the bug is removed. He said that we assure our customers that there is nothing to worry about anymore.

He stressed that hacking via skimming devices is not something HBL experienced only, it’s a global phenomenon. He said that the effect of the issue is small compared to the overall customer base of HBL which is of ten million.

He added that the affected cards have been blocked and new debit cards would be issued.

A seasonal banker had the views that the customers who are looted were liable to get their reimbursement via the banks. But, he clarified that banks would not be the ones providing compensation as all the deposits are insured with the insurance firms, who would be paying the claims that would be submitted by the banks.

He also said that the insurance firms works on the policy of vindicating the losses and to pay claims after the events are proven.

Pakistan had faced an increase in the cybercrime over the past few years and to combat this challenge the government has introduced cybercrime laws. As the cases are increasing so is the challenge of government as per an analyst. The analyst added that Pakistan needs to improve its digital security as its moving towards much bigger technology adoptions.

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