Gwadar Port to become Pakistan’s Version of Shenzhen

Gwadar Port is the central project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. It is predicted that Gwadar Port will become Pakistan’s version of Shenzhen. The Vice President of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Huang Renwei said that as the first phase of the plan, the Gwadar Port is inducted as an industrial park that covers a lot of square kilometers.  A few companies are interested to enter the park.

Also, the 750-acre land has been demarcated for the Gwadar Shipyard project by the Gwadar Development Authority. Once completed it will make Gwadar Shipyard the largest in Pakistan.  Till now at least 30 companies have invested more than $474 million in the port city Gwadar. This is according to the Gwadar Port Authority Chairman Dostain Khan Jamaldini. These 30 companies have invested in different sectors including banking, fishing, housing, logistics etc.

Furthermore, in Pakistan, it is expected that nine industrial parks will be opened. Companies from not just China but all around the globe are investing in it.

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Similarly, he talked about the China-Pakistan Karakoram Highway. The construction of the highway began back in the 1960s and now the Phase II of the project has started to reconstruct and expand the highway.  Almost $19 billion investment has been done by China for 20 major projects in the country.

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