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Gwadar Port Now Open for Transit Trade

Gwadar port

Gwadar port has been opened for transit trade and the first ship in this regard is all set to reach next week, as per a sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs.

Ministry of Maritime officials briefed the sub-committee on the transit trade and transhipment. The body was also briefed that the Afghan Trade Transit (ATT) module required some alterations that have been imposed and after some initial testing, it is ready for implementation.

The senate body was briefed that the first ATT shipment would be arriving on the 8th of October, next week at Gwadar port, which would be slowly increased.

The officials acknowledged that the main competitors of the Gwadar port would be Singapore and Dubai ports since incentives like no cargo demurrage charges and 3 months storage facility would definitely divert business to Gwadar.

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The storage facilities for fish processing within or outside the port were also discussed by the sub-committee and it was assured that the additional taxes would not be imposed on the Chinese firms for establishing such facilities and investments in this matter.

It was also decided that there has to be a national level policy about the fishing trawlers and a uniform mechanism has to be formulated for all the provinces, as marine fishing is done in off the coast of Sindh as well as Baluchistan.

About the matter of internet connectivity and quotation of Rs.14 million issued by PTCL for works regarding to Optic Fibre connection and installation, the committee was informed that PTCL has now agreed for the said establishment.

The matter is being dealt by PTCL and China Overseas Ports Holding Company Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. (COPHC) and the members indicated that the distance from the gate to the pole was around 3 kilometres in comparison to 6.4 km that has been cited.

Senator Babar has therefore exaggerated the charges.

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