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Gwadar can be the next Dubai in future

A British Newspaper has given a prediction that Gwadar can be the next Dubai in future. The Gwadar Port is the center of mega CPEC project between China and Pakistan. It holds great importance for both the countries and it is the hub of all infrastructure, designing and development projects planned under CPEC.

As per the report Pakistan is facing huge issues including electricity shortage, lack of development, lack of resources mainly financial.

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The article said, “The demand and supply gap was widening by the day and there was not a single power station under construction.”

Furthermore, as per the article, Gwadar East-Bay Expressway will be extremely beneficial for Pakistan’s economic uplift, it will bring stability to the country strategically and financially.

Governor of Sindh, Muhammed Zubair said,“We calculated we needed $30 to 35 billion to fix it, and there was no way Pakistan could generate that kind of money. That’s what prompted us towards the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.”

It is hinted in the article by Telegraph that CPEC can change the balance of power in Asia, giving more power to China by boosting economy of Pakistan.

The Governor also said, “The deal goes something like this: Pakistan gets massive and much needed infrastructure investment while China gets access to warm water port 350 miles from the Straits of Hormuz – a key part of its “one belt one road” initiative to develop commercial logistics links with Europe. So I would not question that they have far more objectives than a win-win for China and Pakistan in economic terms. They want to compete with the United States. This gives them the security leverage that they desperately need.”

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world, it is technologically advanced with minimal crime rate, almost zero debt, and great economy. Development in Gwadar has started, with a long way to go now. Can we expect Gwadar to be the next Dubai in near future?