Yes, we do know the national animal, flower, sport, animal and poet of Pakistan. But do you know the official sweet of Pakistan. Gulab Jamun is now officially the national sweet of Pakistan.

The Govt of Pakistan took a poll to decide the national sweet of Pakistan. And it was revealed that Gulab Jamun is the most favorite sweet of Pakistanis. Gulab Jaman received 47% votes while Jalebi and Barfi received 34% and 19% votes respectively.

Govt of Pakistan tweeted, “What is the National Sweet of Pakistan?

34% Jalebi

47% Gulab Jamun

19% Barfi

In another tweet Govt of Pakistan stated, “Poll Question: What is the National Sweet Of Pakistan?
Answer: The right answer is Gulab Jamun.”

Now next time you eat Gulab Jamun, do remember you are eating the national sweet of Pakistan.

People on social media were very happy with this development as a Twitter user tweeted,

“Well done Pakistan, Gulab Jamun is our national mithai now.”

Some expressed utter shock as a user tweeted, “How can Gulab Jamun beat Jalebi in being a national sweet? The poll conducted by PID must have been rigged.”

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This was funny, “Gulab Jamun voted as Pakistan National Sweet … now what … right wing to protest for banning gulab jamuns in India … and yes jalebi was a close second … how can we eat enemy sweets … LOL”


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