Gujranwala Pindi Bypass Flyover Is Opening On September 30th

The most awaited bypass from 2013, Gujranwala Pindi Bypass Flyover is opening on September 30th, 2017.

An anonymous official said that another delay can occur if the prediction of continuous rains this month is true. Rain will create chaos and it will take weeks to dry out. He also confessed that miscalculations and mistakes on their side resulted in such a huge delay.

“The completion of such a big project in 10 months on modern lines was just a day dream,” he added.

He further said that usually flyovers are developed by manufacturing element in central plant and assembling them later on site which takes less time. Now the initial cost for Gujranwala bypass as per Gujranwala Development Director Qasim Hameed was Rs6,672 million which increased to Rs 7358.848 million because of all the delay, sign boards, and agricultural work under and around the bypass.

Qasim also said, “The multi-loop facility would not only accommodate locals but will also save the time of the commuters using GT Road for upper parts of the country or heading to Lahore.”

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Nasarullah Gill, Gujranwala District Bar President commented, “The junction was the epicenter of the city’s traffic movement that used to remain clogged for hours and the facility would give citizens a sigh of relief.”

The project includes the development of the main flyover having three lanes for accommodating traffic coming from Rawalpindi and Lahore.

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