Guinness World Records: Abdul Basit Siddiqi broke the record by typing 26 words in 17.5 seconds using Swype technology

Swype Technology - Guinness World Records - Abdul Basit Siddiqi

Abdul Basit Siddiqi is the fastest Swype technology user. He broke the record recently in Dubai when he typed 26 words under 17.5 seconds. Members of Guinness World Records were also present at the moment.

Swype technology is an easy way to type words to make a sentence using a virtual keyboard of a smartphone. This easy-to-use sentence maker is so easy as it only requires the user to slide between the first and last letters of a word. Giving space is the only time when the user is allowed to lift his/her finger.

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In the lightning speed of 17.5 seconds, Abdul Basit Siddiqi originally from Pakistan typed the following two sentences and recorded his name in the Guinness World Records:

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