Gross Sale of Securities Touched Rs. 2 Billion During the Past Week

During the past week, the gross sale of securities was Rs. 2 billion whereas the purchase of securities was Rs. 10.3 billion.

Pakistani Rupee - Foreign Currency (October 5th)

During the week ended December 31, 2020, the gross sale of securities was Rs. 2 billion, showing a dip of around 80.6% compared to the last week.

According to stats, the purchase of securities in the mentioned week was Rs. 10.3 billion, showing a hike of 62.5% compared with the previous week.

The net purchase of securities for the same week was Rs. 8.36 billion, while the accounts observed a net sale of Rs. 3.78 billion during the last week.

Over the week, the cumulative purchase value of securities increased by Rs. 3.97 billion and the net sale of securities dropped by Rs. 8.17 billion.

It is further added that the inflow of remittance into these accounts reached Rs. 9.32 billion, whereas the outflow was Rs. 893.2 million.

According to the stats, the closing balance of SCRA was recorded at Rs. 29.68 billion, showing a hike of Rs. 292.75 million over the week.

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