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Groom’s family cancelled the wedding over girl’s excessive use of WhatsApp

Every smartphone user is using a social networking app called WhatsApp nowadays. This Facebook-owned app allows its users to exchange texts, photos, videos, and other information with each other.

A family living in Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state, has cancelled the wedding of their son to a girl over her excessive use of WhatsApp. The wedding was planned to take place on 5 September 2018.

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As per the media reports, the family of the groom informed the bride and her family over a phone call that the wedding being cancelled when they had been waiting for them to arrive for the ceremony to take place.

On the other hand, the family of the girl has refused the claims from the boy’s side and revealed the actual reason behind the wedding being cancelled that was the demand for dowry which was made by the groom’s family.

The family of the girl claimed that they demanded Rs6.5 million as dowry.

The father of the girl has also filed a complaint against the boy’s family at the local police station in Uttar Pradesh.

A police official said that the family of the groom were annoyed over the girl’s habit of using the WhatsApp and that she would also send WhatsApp messages to her expected in-laws even before the wedding.