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Groom Divorced Wife After 15 Minutes of Marriage

The marriage between a couple lasted only for a span of fifteen minutes after a misunderstanding occurred between the groom and his father-in-law, who was in a hurry to gather his daughter’s bride price.

The newly-wedded man divorced his wife within fifteen minutes after signing the marriage deal after he felt disgraced by his father-in-law who apparently was in no mood to wait for him to bring part of the agreed-upon money from his parked vehicle.

The man was believed to have a contract with the bride’s father of paying him Dh 100,000 for the marriage and mentioned that amount in the marriage agreement, as reported by an Arabic news on Tuesday.

As per the father-husband contract, the man was supposed to pay Dh 50,000 at the time of signing the agreement inside the Sharia judge’s office and the remaining amount when leaving the building court.

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Family members and friends were with the couple when they went to the Sharia judge’s office for witnessing the signing of the marriage agreement.

The groom paid the amount of Dh 50,000 in the judge’s office at the time of signing the contract, as per the news report, and as the bride, groom and the marriage attendees were walking out, the bride’s father asked his son-in-law for paying him the remaining sum of money.

The groom asked his father-in-law to wait for some time and give him assurance that the remaining amount is in his car.

The bride’s father however, was persistent and wanted the groom to pay him the money immediately. He then asked the groom to send any of his friend or relative for bringing the money, as informed by a lawyer who is handling the case to Gulf News.

The lawyer who wish to remain anonymous informed that the groom felt humiliated and disgraced by his father-in-law. He told the bride’s father that he did not want his daughter as his wife and divorced her then and there in less than fifteen minutes after the signing of the marriage contract.

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