Green and Orange Line Project of Karachi to Become Operational in November

Green and Orange Line Project

Awais Qadir Shah-the Sindh Transport Minister has said that the Green and Orange Lines Bus Rapid Transport Project (BRT) would become operational by the month of October 2021.

As per the shared details, the minister said that tender for buses has been issued and 100 buses for Green and Orange Lines will arrive by the end of September or October 2021.

Rejecting the statement made by Planning Minister Asad Umar regarding the operation of the Green Line BRT project by August this year, Awais Qadir said that the federal minister knows nothing about the project as buses will arrive before October.

“Federal government should procure more buses as 80 buses for Green Line BRT project are not sufficient,” he said while talking with ARY News.

It should be noted that while the federal government initiated the Green Line project, the Orange Line is supposed to be a Sindh government scheme. Under the original arrangement, the Centre was only responsible for developing the route for the Green Line, while the Sindh government was to procure buses and run operations for both the Green and Orange lines.

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