Greece is All Set to Welcome the Tourists, Says PM


The Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Saturday said that Greece is all set to welcome the tourists, in entire safety after the COVID-19 lockdown, which would have a significant impact on tourism.

The PM two days before the reopening of the tourist season said that tourism in Greece is back.

The return of tourists from nearly 30 nations by sea, air, and land would commence from Monday.

The PM said that everything is ready in terms of ensuring that the proper social distancing directives are practiced. He also added that safety and health is the topmost priority.

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Mitsotakis said that they want the tourists to feel safe, and added that he is not interested in making Greece the number one tourist spot in Europe.

He said that he is interested to make Greece the safest location in Europe. Greece has been comparatively less affected by the virus with 183 deaths.

For Greece tourism is crucial for its economy, it accounts for nearly 25 percent of GDP. The PM of Greece admitted that the impact of the confinement of the tourism industry would be heavy.

He also said that they will try to save whatever they could to keep their tourism industry alive and could survive what would actually be a tough summer. He maintained that a lot would depend on how comfortable the people would feel.

He further added that the virus is dangerous and that it is still there and has not disappeared. He mentioned that they are taking a calculated risk and trying their best to do what they possibly can.

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