The Great Online Shopping Mela Begins On Daraz.Pk

The Great Online Shopping Mela is conducted by Pakistan’s biggest online marketplace,

The aim of the Mela is to enjoy the relationship between Daraz and its customers. It is to bring excitement and new flavor in online shopping.

With this aim, Daraz is offering up to 67% sale for GOSM.

Interesting: elePhone is making an entry in Pakistan through Daraz

E-commerce is the present and future of shopping around the world. It is expected that by 2020, 65 million people would have3G and 4G/LTE on their phones. As internet users are increasing so would the concept of e-shopping.

The Great Online Shopping Mela is a step by, to encourage digital marketing in Pakistan. There is a lot of buzz about the event and people should look forward to many offers, specifically from the sponsors, Unilever, Nestle, L’oreal, Pepsi, Caltex, Careem so on and so forth.

Zain Suharwardy, Managing Director of Daraz said, “It’s 2017 and we can no longer speak of the lives we lead online as separate from our offline reality. The two are increasingly married to the other. And that’s the theme of The Great Online Shopping Mela: celebrating the various ways online shopping and internet culture bring joy, convenience, and connection to our lives. It’s about recognizing the role e-commerce plays in spreading joy in a spontaneous way. We will work with partners across the ecosystem, from financial services, media, telecoms, top brands, fashion and apps to maximize e-commerce impact.”

Hamaad Ravda, Chief Marketing Officer for Daraz said “The Great Online Shopping Mela will break new ground in getting top brands even further invested in e-commerce and digital marketing including Facebook and Google advertising solutions. Against the backdrop of rising internet penetration and teledensity, the importance of digital in the media mix today is inestimable and GOSM provides an opportunity for top brands to test out and scale their efforts in e-commerce.”

The sale will be for seven days and each day it will in a specific category. So for the mega discount, online shopping and affordable prices become a part of online Mela. For more updates keep visiting website.

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