Great new feature of Android Oreo 8.1

Android Oreo

As we have seen the increasing storage in the smartphones ranging from 16GB to 64GB there is always a reason behind, as long as the quality improves there is more need for space but technology should also focus on reducing the need for space that is what Google is not focusing on. Some smartphone still does not have enough space to keep running the device at the optimum level.

Inactive apps and storage space

Google has recently introduced smart storage management, it’s clear that Google is improving the storage problems in mid-range smartphones. The latest commit in Android’s AOSP framework mentions a new feature which is expected to come with Android Oreo 8.1 update. The feature would automatically flag apps that are observed “inactive” and deprioritizes the piling up of cached files for that app.

Android will now consider an app “inactive” if it hasn’t been recently used in the foreground and the app package is not used by another app package in the background. These apps would be marked as “inactive apps” the caching for these apps will be stopped, which would reduce the storage space.

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Google’s intention is to save the space for mid-range smartphones and also for others because it eventually improves phones performance.

Xda developers have more detailed and technical discussion of Android 8.1 update which would let you know how this software actually works.

Since many smartphone manufacturers are still testing Android Oreo 8.0 and implement it in their latest smartphones, Oreo 8.1 requires more time for implementation.