Grandfathered YouTube family subscriptions are getting a price hike being implemented from April 13.

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As with many other platforms, Google has also planned some price hikes for its subscription plans. As per what Google announced during the past year about the price adjustments for its family premium plan, The fee for this subscription plan was raised from $18/month to $23/month on November 20, 2022. However, family plan subscribers from the grandfathered subscription plan were still on the safe side as they remained on the same old fee of $15/month. This subscription plan contains the users that have joined YouTube Red before its transition to YouTube Premium. With this price increase announced for regular users, Google is planning a price increase of $23/month beginning in April 2023.

The updates and emails regarding the price hike were already sent to the users, and this is just another reminder for you to remember this implementation. It was stated by the company in the email that in order to keep on providing better services, a price hike is being implemented that will result in a hike of $14.99 to $22.99/month. Also, it was clarified by the company that this will be implemented in billing as of April 13, 2023. Also, if you are renewing your subscription before this marked date, you can surely enjoy another month at this price.

In 2018, YouTube Red was branded as YouTube Premium. The old subscribers of the platform were able to enjoy the subscription for the same price of $15/month. This same facility remained for individual subscribers who kept on enjoying the plan for $10/month rather than paying $12/month. The fee for the individual plan is still the same, and as for the family plan, Google has maintained the older price for five good years. The family plan discount saved up to $120 for users, but still some users aren’t happy with the price hike as this category of subscribers were among the most loyal customers of the platform.

Although if this $8 increase is too much for you, you can surely think about reconsidering this subscription plan.