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Govt. Working on Alternative Energy Projects for Producing Cheap Electricity

alternative energy projects

The government is taking measures for introducing alternative energy projects for producing cheap electricity across Pakistan for the consumers on cheaper rates, as per the Minister of Energy Omar Ayub Khan.

While talking to a news channel, he said that the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is taking all possible steps for the introduction of cheap electricity in the near future.

The installation of the new power plants would also be bringing the energy rates down, he said.

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While talking on the weak policies of the former government, the energy minister said that the costly arrangement was struck with the power firms at the cost of the utility bills of the people.

He appreciated the work of the energy department and said that the department has recovered Rs.112 billion after curbing the theft of electricity from the different parts of the nation.

While responding to a question, the federal minister said that the government had to tolerate an additional load of Rs.350 billion by using the imported coal for the production of electricity.

He said other than the renewal of the energy plants, the focus on wind and hydel resources would also help in addressing the issues in the sector of power.

Responding to another question, he said that the ex-governments of PPP and PML-N had controlled the rate of tariff artificially.

The minister also said that new energy policy would be formed for balancing the system in the sector of electricity.

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