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Govt Wants to Launch Duty-Free Import of Electric Vehicles


Under the proposed Electric Vehicle Policy, the Ministry of Climate Change is considering over an amendment that will permit the duty-free import of electric vehicles. There has been a huge criticism from the local auto industry of Pakistan as they are calling an attempt to kill the local market.

In the next cabinet meeting, the policy will be discussed for approval. Earlier the Climate Change ministry published the draft on its website, however, due to objections from the Ministry of Industries it had to be taken down.

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According to sources, the Climate Change ministry was asked by the Industries Ministry to stay out of the auto industry but the Climate Change ministry did not back out and continued to work on the policy.

Now the Climate Change Ministry wants that electric vehicles are imported duty-free. They are quite expensive and if they are duty-free it will allow more people to purchase them.

But, if this policy is implemented it will harm the local auto industry and lead to thousands of people getting unemployed. Already, the local production and sale are quite low due to low orders from customers.