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Govt. to Take Care of the Businesses Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

coronavirus outbreak

Abdul Razzak Dawood, PM’s Adviser for Commerce,Industry and Investment said that the government will not the let the businesses go bankrupt because of the cash flow crisis. He said that the government would be taking care of the businesses amid coronavirus outbreak.

He uploaded a video message on social media for everyone in which he mentioned that he is very well aware of the problems Pakistan is facing nowadays since the lock down has been imposed in nearly every province so the spread of the virus can be curbed which has led to a halt of all the economic activities in the country.

He further added that the government of Pakistan will be taking care of the cash flows issues and they will not allow this issue to hinder and lead the businesses to bankruptcy. Government is behind them with support.

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In the video message he also added that there are a lot of issues highlighted by the businessmen for example the issue of cash flows, electricity and banking. According to the adviser government’s program is not only for the exporters but it’s also for retailers, SMEs and the daily wage earners.

The program came into existence when PM Khan announced 1.2 trillion economic relief package. The aim of this program is to provide support to the poor.

He further added that the prices of the Petroleum Oil Lubricants have also been cut down to Rs.15 per litre. 12 million people will get Rs.3,000 for 4 months and around 50 billion has been saved aside for the utility stores.

Lastly, the government has also decided to provide concessional loans to SMEs and to the agricultural sector. But the tax will be deducted on essential commodities.

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