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Govt to Present Alternate Solution to SC to Tax Mobile Phone Cards

The government of Pakistan has decided to propose a new solution to the Supreme Court regarding the taxes on mobile phone cards. The alternate solution aims to bridge the revenue gap, meet the budget target by making sure that no new taxes are charged in the next five months.

Before going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout package, the government wants to reach the set revenue target.

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State Minister for Revenue Hammad Azhar said, “No new taxes will be imposed in the current fiscal year to achieve revenue target as prior conditions for availing the IMF bailout package.”

This announcement was made by the State Minister while addressing the news conference.

Azhar denied the opposition criticism over poor performance of the government. He also revealed that talks with IMF are going on. Certain conditions have improved regarding IMF bailout.

He said, “We will not accept any conditionality attached with the IMF that will directly impact our economy or people.”

Hammad Azhar stated that the government is not looking for any additional revenue measures. It will provide a new policy to the Supreme Court to tax the telecom mobile phone cards.

Azhar said,  “Now we are hopeful that the court will consider our formula.”