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Govt. to Offer Cheap Electricity This Winter Season

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The government is planning out a policy that is aimed at offering electricity to the power users during the winter season at cheap rates that would be decreasing their electricity bills substantially.

As per a senior official at the Energy Ministry on Tuesday, the policy would be finalized this month and would then be introduced in the month of November.

Currently, 2 different rates are applied by the government, one for the peak hours and the other for the off-peak hours which increased the end rate for the users.

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The government would be imposing a uniform flat rate for the winter season throughout the day instead of the peak and off-peak hour rates and this would help in reducing the electricity bills of the customers.

The official also said that the government would guarantee cheaper electricity to the users despite the decrease in the share of hydropower generation in the month of December. He also said that multiple projects are coming online and at the present, the system has 35,000MW of available electricity.

Senator Nauman Wazir said that it was necessary for the government to make power market in the country so the Discos should get profit. The committee was also briefed that the line losses for PESCO were greater than NEPRA’s permitted limits and the consumers were being forced to pay for these losses.

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