Govt to Let Dual Nationals Contest Elections

It has been decided by the federal government to allow dual-national Pak­is­tanis to contest elections in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan presided a meeting of the federal cabinet in which it was decided to bring five leading regulatory bodies under the cabinet. Also, it was agreed to remove the profession column from the national passport.

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The cabinet members were briefed by the Prime Minister on his US visit. He termed it as a success in which he presented Pakistan’s case in a suitable manner.

With regard to the black day protest by opposition all over Pakistan on the first anniversary of 2018’s general elections, he said that there is no policy to block the public meetings of the opposition.

Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, the Special Assistant to the PM on Infor­ma­tion said that the Prime Minister wants the dual national Pakistanis to become part of Pakistan’s political system.

She revealed that a high-powered committee comprising officials from the ministries was set up by the Prime Minister. It aimed at making overseas Pakistanis legislators so that they can play a role in Pakistan’s economy.

As per Dr. Awan, two of the points were just about overseas Pakistanis. The two being their voting rights and a procedure to enable them to become members of the parliament.  

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