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Govt to Introduce Uniform Education System in Pakistan

uniform education system

PTI government is focusing on introducing a uniform education system in partnership with private educational institutions.

As per local media reports, the prime minister—Imran Khan has emphasized on the need for new modifications in the education system and has stressed that there should be a uniform education curriculum throughout the country.

He also criticised the functioning of the various educational systems in the nation as they are becoming the basis of discrimination in Pakistan.

Previously, the federal minister for education and professional training, national history and literary heritage—Shafqat Mahmood had also mentioned that the Ministry of Education is forming a uniform education policy for the implementation of a uniform curriculum in the public and private institutions.

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It is being pondered that if the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s new educational modification would be imposed with one system of education for all across Pakistan. This has raised a question about the continuation of O and A level education system.

However, so far, no confirmation has been shared on this matter.

Additionally, the education department has not shared the measures that would be adopted for improving the education system and the curriculum in the country.

The PTI government is also considering to improve the Madrasa system and has recommended for including Science, Maths and English Language as compulsory subjects for the students.

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